Dehancer Color Test: Enhance Your Color Perception

Welcome to the Dehancer Color Test, experimental tool that allows to determine how many colors you perceive under different display conditions.

Dehancer aims to preserve aesthetic heritage through digital tools for color correction and lifelike emulation of analog processes and effects.

Test Results Include:

1. Number of Colors Perceived

  • This index reflects your color perception involving short-term memory.
  • It represents your ability to perceive color nuances in a momentary examination.
  • Results depend on visual experience and demand for color nuances. Regular testing can help improve perceptual vision.

2. Effectiveness Relative to Theoretical Potential

  • This value indicates the current effectiveness of your perception compared to your physiological potential.
  • The potential is the limit of your sensory visual system's ability, which is slightly trainable.
  • Perception varies with lighting, physical and emotional state, and effort, and can improve over time with visual experience.

Experience the Dehancer Color Test and enhance your color perception today!