Pavel Kosenko
Pavel Kosenko
CEO, Co-Founder

Photographer with 40 years of experience in analogue photography. Colorist. Passionate colour explorer.

Author of LIFELIKE book (Treemedia, 2013).

Co-founder of SREDA Film Lab, the largest film laboratory in the ex-USSR.

Ideological inspirer and co-founder of Dehancer project.

Denis Svinarchuk
Denis Svinarchuk

Software Engineer, C/C++ developer. Signal and Image Processing expert. More than 20-years experience as a computer data scientist.

Cyclist. Cycling cameraman and drone operator. Black and White Film development process chemist. Evangelist of Dehancer project.

Dmitry Klimkin
Mobile Lead

Software Engineer, Mobile Solutions developer with more than 18 years of experience. Specializing in mobile, security, and high-frequency data processing. Public speaker and international Startups Mentor. 

Spend my spare time enjoying kitesurfing, running, exploring this world all around.

Dmitry Novak

Professional graphic and UI/UX designer since 2004, experienced film photographer, journalist by education and postmodernist writer at heart.

Eugene Kovalev
Eugene Kovalev
Web Dev

Raised as C/C++ system programmer, became full stack developer with 20 years of experience. Japanist. Origami master. Crochet guru.

Dmitry Sukhorukov
Dmitry Sukhorukov
Software Engineer

Software Engineer, C++/C developer with computer vision experience. Road and extreme bike cyclist. Equestrian photographer and cameraman.

Anfisa Zelentsova
Anfisa Zelentsova
Marketing manager

Part of our social media team. Based in Madrid and involved in spreading the word about Dehancer abroad.

As a true SMM specialist enjoys photography, art and all sorts of creative practices. Aspiring yogini by morning, free spirit by night.

Victoria Kondratyeva
Marketing assistant

Studied International Politics at The University of Manchester.

Highly interested in digital marketing and brand management. As a hobby enjoys yoga, surfing and tennis.

Valeria Mikhailova
Marketing assistant

Graduated from Shenyang Normal University, Liaoning Province, China, studied international economics and trade.

Modern housewife, takes care of her own garden and two dogs: giant newfoundland and tiny dachshund, practice wushu and crazy about comic books.

Sofya Zhilenkova
Marketing assistant

Studied Public Management of Economic Development. Highly interested in digital marketing.
Former professional dancer. As a hobby enjoys pilates and collecting contemporary art.

Maria Shushakova
Marketing assistant (South Korea)

Korean language & culture enthusiast. Studied Korean business etiquette at Busan University of Foreign Studies. As a hobby practices cooking, drawing and crocheting.

Ksenia Basmanova
Marketing assistant (Japan)

Japanese language & culture enthusiast. Studied Japanese business etiquette at Shinshu University, Nagano.

Doing art exhibition reviews in a spare time.

There is no stranger under the cherry tree.
– Kobayashi Issa.

Dana Vidonova
Marketing Assistant (Germany)

Studied translation and interpreting at the International University SDI in Munich, Germany. Ethusiatic interpreter and German culture lover. Fond of beer, cooking and ice skating. ‘Where is a will, there is a way» is her life motto.

Camilla Akberova
PR assistant

A literature-loving philologist who finds joy in music and photography which help her to see the beauty of the world. As a beginning traveler, enjoys immersing herself in different cultures and gaining new perspectives.

Konstantin Sverchkov

Working in design industry since the 90s, he’s got the special inspiration upon seeing the first eMac and admiring its design and interface. Since then, creating beautiful things has become a life credo.

Now he enjoys developing websites, apps and user interfaces, and also interested in 3D modelling. Passionate about traveling and cooking.

Rafael Sharafutdinov

Born in the Urals, moved to Kemerovo in 2011, studied programming, from the age of 16 started as a 1C developer.

I like electronic music, my kittens, play poker in my spare time, am a good cook, a specialist in borsch and pancakes, a spicy food fan.

Maxim Valeev

10 years of software development and IT operations experience. A devotee of complex yet elegant engineering.

Film photography enthusiast, exploring the world through the viewfinder.

Andrew Shilov
C++, UI Dev

Studied as a hardware systems engineer for unknown reason, moved back to software. Worked with almost everything from asm to typescript. Games developer since 90's.

Long time digital cameras user. Console gamer and simracer. Junior wakeboarder.

Dmitry Lobaskov
Dmitry Lobaskov

Marketing specialist with 10 years experience, leading promotional campains in product development and E-commerce.

As a hobby enjoys shooting video, flying drones and grading.

Alex Stolbov

Computer science teacher by training, PC build enthusiast, sound engineer with many years of experience, which means extensive experience in using and troubleshooting a huge number of digital interfaces and software. Always ready to find the optimal solution to your questions.

Gleb Lobaskov

Helps to solve your problems. Studying Master's Degree in Psychology. Manga lover. Gamer. As a hobby practices music and painting.

Dmitriy Kuznetsov

Co-founder of the Dehancer project, SREDA Film Lab and many other business projects. All his conscious life is about business.

Yoga apprentice, traveler, Polaroid and film photographer, Super 8 cinematographer, handpan player.

Karen Hovhannisian

PhD in Economics for no obvious reason, speaks five languages freely. Iphonographer. Lived around the world, but returned to Armenia.

Avid traveler, chef at heart, off-road cyclist by day and wine enthusiast by night.
Co-founder of the Frameway Club.