A true film experience

Dehancer is a  film emulation software created by enthusiasts and scientists just for everyone.

30 years of analogue experience allowed us to develop an amazing toolset which gives your digital videos and photos a truly cinematic look.

You can change the game in one click with  over 60 photographic and movie films .

Complete the look and apply realistic film effects: Film Grain, Halation, Bloom, Film Breath and Damage, Overscan.

Dehancer color grading breakdown


Analogue colour grading plugins and apps

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Dehancer Features

Dehancer accurately emulates film in all of its analog features. Achieve cinematic look with famous colour and BW films like  Kodak Vision 3, Kodak Portra 400, Cinestill 800, Ilford HP5 Plus, Kodak Eastman 5222, and even  Kodachrome 64.

Try instant, vintage and exotic processes – Fujifilm Instax, Polaroid, Prokudin-Gorskiy, Ambrotype, ORWO.

Each film is captured in 3 different exposures. The Push/Pull feature gives you countless variations in between.

Film Profiles in action
'in mombasa - Elgato Fritz' Colourist: bafeink
Agfa Agfacolor 100 'in mombasa - Elgato Fritz' Colourist: bafeink
'Jai Ganesha' Colourist: Edgar Reyna
Agfa Agfacolor Portrait XPS 160 + 2383 'Jai Ganesha' Colourist: Edgar Reyna
'Tomken - Benzin' Colourist: Jean-Pierre Meyer-Gehrke
Agfa Scala 200x 'Tomken - Benzin' Colourist: Jean-Pierre Meyer-Gehrke
Colourist: Dmitry Novak (Dehancer Team)
Ambrotype (by Anatolee Green) Colourist: Dmitry Novak (Dehancer Team)
Colourist: Sergio Lorenzana
Cinestill 800T + 2383 'Quantum' Colourist: Sergio Lorenzana
'La Complementariedad'
Colourist: Luis Alberto Tapia Heredia
Fujichrome Provia 100F 'La Complementariedad' Colourist: Luis Alberto Tapia Heredia
'Pool Boys-Feathers' Colourist: Sean Conley
Fujichrome Velvia 50 'Pool Boys-Feathers' Colourist: Sean Conley
'Catching Time' 
Colourist: Janis Brod
Fujicolor Natura 1600 'Catching Time' Colourist: Janis Brod
'Misery: a fashion film'
Colourist: Maurice Victor II
Fujicolor Pro 400H 'Misery: a fashion film' Colourist: Maurice Victor II
Colourist: Ryan McNeal
Fujicolor Superia 1600 + 2383 'Boudica' Colourist: Ryan McNeal
'The Plague' Colourist: Sergio Lorenzana
Fujifilm Instax + 2383 'The Plague' Colourist: Sergio Lorenzana
'Paranoia (Official Music Video)
Colourist: Ashton Thomas
Ilford XP2 Super 400 + 2383 'Paranoia (Official Music Video) Colourist: Ashton Thomas
'Nicolas Michaux - She's An Easy Rider' Colourist: François Dubois
Kodak Eastman Double-X 5222 'Nicolas Michaux - She's An Easy Rider' Colourist: François Dubois
'Sans Soucis - I Know Your Present'
Colourist: Philipp Morozov
Kodak Eastman Double-X 5222 'Sans Soucis - I Know Your Present' Colourist: Philipp Morozov
'T'aint Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do'
Colourist: Keith Putnam
Kodak Ektachrome E100 'T'aint Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do' Colourist: Keith Putnam
'REST IN PEACH' Colourist: Brenden Mascherino
Kodak Ektar 100 'REST IN PEACH' Colourist: Brenden Mascherino
Colourist: Titash Chowdhury
Kodak Gold 200 + 2383 'Jailan' Colourist: Titash Chowdhury
'Silk and Rushes'
Colourist: Misha Denisov
Kodak Kodachrome 64 (Experimental) 'Silk and Rushes' Colourist: Misha Denisov
'Braille - Therese Curatolo'
Colourist: Ryan McNeal
Kodak Kodachrome 64 (Experimental) 'Braille - Therese Curatolo' Colourist: Ryan McNeal
'IYOV' Colourist: Andrei Beresnev
Kodak Portra 160, Kodak Portra 400, Kodak Portra 800 'IYOV' Colourist: Andrei Beresnev
'PIECES - By Isabel van Gelder'
Colourist: Reilin Joey
Kodak Portra 160VC + 2383 'PIECES - By Isabel van Gelder' Colourist: Reilin Joey
'Wedding in Italy'
Colourist: Anthony Venitis
Kodak Portra 400 'Wedding in Italy' Colourist: Anthony Venitis
'Piotr Zioła - Błysk' Colourist: Oskar Pospolitak
Kodak Supra 100 'Piotr Zioła - Błysk' Colourist: Oskar Pospolitak
'Blood Star'
Colourist: Joshua Borrill
Kodak Vision3 200T, 250D + 3513, Kodak Endura 'Blood Star' Colourist: Joshua Borrill
'A tale of light from heaven to earth'
Colourist: Aleksei Mikhalin
Kodak Vision3 250D 'A tale of light from heaven to earth' Colourist: Aleksei Mikhalin
Colourist: Edgar Reyna
Kodak Vision3 50D + 2383 'Ganapath' Colourist: Edgar Reyna
'4 River 6 Ranges'
Colourist: Avinash Jagdish Shukla
Konica Impresa 50 (2006) + Kodak Endura '4 River 6 Ranges' Colourist: Avinash Jagdish Shukla
'Stures Dummes Herz' Colourist: Benjamin Weber
ORWO Chrom UT21 Daylight (Exp. 1992) 'Stures Dummes Herz' Colourist: Benjamin Weber
'The serenity of nature'
Colourist: Kamil' Nureev
Prokudin-Gorskiy 1906 (experimental) 'The serenity of nature' Colourist: Kamil' Nureev
'Um Mal Entendido - Arele' Colourist: Lucas Navarro Stolfi
Prokudin-Gorskiy 1906 (experimental) 'Um Mal Entendido - Arele' Colourist: Lucas Navarro Stolfi
Colourist: Dmitry Novak (Dehancer Team)
Black and white film profiles of Dehancer Colourist: Dmitry Novak (Dehancer Team)

Printing is the final stage of analogue cinema production.
Dehancer offers 2 motion picture print films, each has its character which makes it a versatile creative tool:

  • Kodak Vision Color Print Film 2383
  • Fujicolor Positive Film Eterna-CP 3513DI
Dehancer 5.0 Kodak 2383 Print film emulation

Colour negative films are optically printed on Kodak Endura Glossy paper in natural colours. BW negatives are reproduced on  Slavich Bromportrait paper with a noble warm tone.

Dehancer Film Grain stands out from the crowd. It is not just scanned and overlaid. Our unique algorithm rebuilds an image with little granules, based on colour and brightness details.

You can recreate any grain with built-in tool profiles for 8, 16, 35 and 65mm film , or using the custom settings.

This film emulsion effect is visible as the red-orange halo around the light sources, highlights and contrasting edges. Also halation makes the skin tone more vivid and attractive.

There are 8 halation profiles with custom adjustments to handle most creative needs.

Soft glow or mist around bright objects refines a vintage look, traditionally achieved with optical filters, exotic lenses and small format film. Dehancer accurately replicates the real physics of light with versatile profiles for 8, 16, 35 and 65 mm film formats and custom settings.

Gate Weave and Film Breath Demo
Gate Weave and Film Breath Demo

Film Breath effect is an accidental change in exposure, contrast and colour from frame to frame. It greatly affects the experience in terms of ‘analogue feeling’.

The most characteristic ‘emulsion breath’ is represented by the profiles for the four major film formats. The smaller the format, the more obvious the changes from frame to frame.

Gate Weave stands for mechanical swinging of a film strip while it is being pulled through a film gate in a camera, projector or video coding device. It is often simulated intentionally to ‘breathe life’ into a digital cinema.
In Dehancer Gate Weave is represented with a set of tool profiles for typical film formats.

The sense of real media is enhanced by the lifelike film artefacts. Film Damage consists of 3 components – Dust, Hair and Scratches

Tool Profiles help recreating the most characteristic defects for different film formats.

Dehancer Tool Profiles

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Overscan is the extra image area on film, where the perforation, film gate, frame spaces, and nearby frames appear. These elements are handcrafted using real film scans and can be controlled independently in all aspects.

Overscan includes film gates and perforations for most popular 8, 16, 35 and 65 mm film formats.

Dehancer Overscan Tool

Make your own development recipe depending on the source material, shooting conditions and creative tasks! Film Developer is handy with specific shots and cameras, which you want to standardise and make easier to process. Colour Boost and Contrast Boost helps to get more punch and definition instantly.

Emulate the film-like compressed highlights and get more headroom for manipulation.

Although this tool doesn’t restore clipped areas, it greatly helps to protect and emphasise the highlights texture in the analogue way.

The Subtractive CMY Color Head works like the colour correction filters used in photo enlargers and RGB printer lights. Dehancer uses the real-life values of the filters.

Print Toning allows you to adjust the colour temperature separately in the shadows, the midtones, and the highlights.

Vignetting is usually considered a lens flaw, but it is a great tool to add depth and set the accents in the frame. In Dehancer vignette applies the film-like exposure correction and looks organic.

Dehancer Tool Profiles
Dehancer Tool Profiles

The set of tool profiles designed to recreate the typical look of different film formats is available for Film Grain, Halation, Bloom, Film Damage, Film Breath and Gate Weave tools.

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Dehancer supports dozens of popular video cameras, drones and mobile formats like  Filmic Pro Log and Apple ProRes Log. Camera profiles are custom made to meet our high aesthetic and technical standards.

If there is no suitable profile for your camera, you can interpret the source with the familiar tools in your host application.

Dehancer features a broad set of color pipelines and gamma standards, exclusive to Dehancer Pro OFX.

ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) is supported as the production pipeline and also provides smoother colour and tone.

DaVinci WG/Intermediate (DaVinci YRGB Color Managed) makes full use of the wide gamut source and provides the headroom for out of gamut colours such as saturated highlights, neon tubes etc.

Cineon Film Log support allows using Dehancer for colour grading of the film scans in Cineon gamma and for specific film-like workflows with Cineon timeline.

Dehancer Pro supports:

  • Rec.709
  • Rec.2020 (SDR)
  • Apple Gamma 2.0
  • ACEScct AP1
  • DVR WG Rec.709
  • DVR WG Intermediate
  • Cineon Film Log

Sometimes it is convenient to export a grading look as a LUT file for on-stage or realtime grading. LUT incorporates all the colour and contrast attributes applied to the clip within Dehancer plugin.

LUT Generator has two quality options: Small (17x17x17) and Normal (33x33x33).

False Colors shows brightness levels with different colors, making it easier to check the exposure. It provides foolproof clipping and exposure monitoring. This tool is useful for adjusting the skin tone exposure and for clip matching.

Clipping Indication clearly visualises the minimum exposure in shadows and maximum exposure in highlights.

Defringe helps to eliminate the chromatic aberrations in the source image, which may interfere with some of the Dehancer effects, such as Halation and Bloom.