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Dehancer Film Ps, LrC, C1, APh plugin Version History
Legacy downloads:
Version 2.5.0
macOS, Windows
  • NEW: Film Damage tool
  • NEW: Tool Profiles
  • 38 New Film Presets
  • Bugfixes & Optimizations
Version 2.4.0
macOS, Windows
  • Multiple bugfixes
  • UI/UX optimisations
  • Improved stability and performance
Version 2.3.3
macOS, Windows
  • Presets functionality fixes
Version 2.3.2
macOS, Windows
  • New tool: Film Developer
  • Histogram appearance and performance improved
  • Smarter thumbnail generation
  • Multiple fixes and optimisations
  • New presets: Kodak Portra 400 and Rollei Ortho 25
Version 2.3.0
macOS, Windows
  • New Print Toning Tool in CMY Color Head
  • New Film Compression Tool
  • Presets redesigned
  • Built-in Factory Presets
  • Fixes and optimisations
Version 2.2
macOS, Windows
  • Levels (aka Histogram) visualisation
  • Color engine updated (better color separation, smoother gradations)
  • ‘Login and select License’ option in Activation widget
  • Settings Updated
  • macOS Mojave support [macOS]
  • Kodak 2383 print film now working as intended
  • Plugin settings in Smart Objects and Actions are now saved and read correctly
Version 2.1
macOS, Windows
  • Profile downloader and Activation server access fixed
  • High dpi display support on Windows [Windows]
  • Preset deletion fixed
  • New Film Type added: Cross-Processed. Don’t forget to check our new Film Profile – Fujichrome CDU-II (cross)
  • Cmd+A (Ctrl+A) hotkey now works in text input fields
  • Tools collapsed/expanded state is now preserved between sessions
  • Numerous UI/UX fixes
  • Fixed plugin functionality with Capture One
Version 2.0
macOS, Windows
  • Windows version official release [Windows]
  • Various bugfixes, optimisations and improvements
  • Presets redesigned
  • Keyboard shortcuts added
  • New GPU selector in plugin Settings
  • Updated Bloom defaults
Version 1.1
  • Apple MacBook M1 Pro / Max native support
  • Plugin parameters now working in Actions and Smart Objects
  • More smooth and precise sliders
  • Other UI improvements
Version 1.0

The first release. For macOS only at the moment. Windows support coming soon.